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Pink Sugar

"Thank you for visiting our all-women-run jewelry company. 

Each piece is made in our New York Studio with love to help inspire and empower you on your life journey. 

We hope you have found something unique that has touched your soul somehow. 


S. Frances Morris

Susan Morris started S Frances Morris Jewelry in 2018 because of her love of gemstones, jewelry, and the power of inspirational words. When she was going through treatment for breast cancer, a shop owner on Martha's Vineyard gave her a necklace with a specific word on it— STRENGTH. She wore it throughout that  difficult time, and her mindset was different than usual— The power of that one word inspired her and gave her strength.

Susan's love of stones started as a young child on the beaches of Cape Cod, MA, where she would pick up rocks along with seashells and place them in her bucket. Each year it was the same, always with the same amazement at the differences in texture, size, shape, & color of each stone.

S Frances Morris's designs offer inspiration through the meaning of the stone or the symbolism of a charm. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted to provide its wearer with a little bit of guidance and support on their journey through life. We hope our jewelry can help you find your personal power and strength, and you'll feel beautiful wearing it!

Live your life with Passion
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